The Complete Writings of Robert Cochrane 
Letters to Joseph B Wilson
In early 1964, I had been working with "Sean" and what we called the Wichita Group for about two years. It was then that I saw an advertisement for Pentagram and, with his approval sent for and received it. "Sean" pointed out to me that the writings of Taliesin and Robert Cochrane showed that their path was a first cousin of our own. 

I was quite excited at the concept of that 4-page publication and immediately was inspired to start my own in the United States. I bought a spirit duplicator and began writing and printing The Waxing Moon , simply distributing it among the handful of people I knew in Wichita. In mid 1965 I decided to expand and late that year placed a classified advertisement in Fate Magazine for my" FREE Witchcraft Newsletter" I must point out here that "Sean" was quick to ask me why I was so stupid as to call it a "witchcraft" newsletter since we didn't use that term. 

Throughout 1965 1 wrote to several letters to Gerard Noel, the publisher of Pentagram , and described some of the Wichita group's spiritual activities. These included trips to the cave in Oklahoma where 2 years earlier I had undergone my "initiation" in a manner similar to that described by Taliesin in his " A Wood in The West Country " article. 

I sent Gerard copies of The Waxing Moon as I published them, then asked him to run a personal advertisement for me, requesting correspondence with those interested in the Craft, describing my interests, and also offering to send people a copy of The Waxing Moon in exchange for 1-shilling postage. Gerard published that personal in the fifth issue of Pentagram . 

I was thrilled when Robert Cochrane wrote to me. These are the letters he wrote to me, complete, unedited, and without comment. 

First Letter 

Second Letter 

Third Letter 

Fourth Letter 

Fifth Letter 

Sixth Letter

Letters to Norman Gills 
     Roy corresponded with and became friends with Norman Gills at about the same time he was corresponding with me. These are the three letters he wrote to Norman that he gave to me during my many visits. They were undated, so I guessed at the dates based upon their content. 

First Letter

Second Letter

Third Letter

Drafts left with Norman Gills 
    Before his death Roy left several pages of drafted material in Norman's keeping. It's obvious to me that these are rough drafts of notes he was working on while he was organizing his Clan of Tubal Cain. Personal problems prevented him from going further. 

    I would like to point out that 1734 is not Clan of Tubal Cain , it never was, and never tried to be, although sometimes I experimented with some of the clues that are found in these documents and drawings. 

A Self Introduction 

Lesson Plan 

Blessing Prayers 

Miscellaneous Drawings