Dear Norman,

      Thank you for your letter which I read with very great interest. I take it that you write in symbols, and your descriptions of Two Kings, and Two Queens are purely symbolic, since we have something very similar in my own branch of the Craft.

      I was worried of the outburst of symbols. My own conclusion is that you were probably still suffering from the after affects of nightshade wine, but even so I didn't want to push the issue at that point. You should really be careful, since all dream drugs can have a very dangerous side as well as a marvelous sensational side. There is a place in the other world (if place is the right way to describe it) which is literally chaos, and can destroy the human mind. In the past they had very careful directions and sign posts to help the congregation over the difficult way. Today much of those directions have been lost.

      I read your remarks upon the practices you follow with interest, and perceive in them a conglomeration of various ideas that are not strictly of the Faith I know. The animals you speak of I do possess a very considerable knowledge about, and I can assure you that a rat, as distinct from a mouse is the last shape to be assumed by Long Compton, any more than an alder rod would be used in a ritual devoted to the Mother of the Waters. Trees, like animals have a use and a meaning - and combined with a maze pattern of the right sort and understanding, form a series of compound images that produce necessary effects, and lead us into the place in the otherworld where we may gain wisdom. Taliesin was too fond of relying upon Toad, and the Taniast have lost because of this. Glorious dreams may be valid, but unless they have a reason for 'becoming', they are of little use except in convincing the devotee of the beauty or horror locked away in his own unconscious.

      We have been pretty busy recently, organizing a magical group along the Seven and One basis, as opposed to the old rural Twelve and One. The Clan seem to be responding, and our ancestors are appearing to give their approval, that is the only approval that counts for us. The Hallows of the Covenant went off all right, had to cover up somethings since strangers were present, but we got through a few results. Sorry about not bringing you along, but since it was already overbalanced with outsiders, there was not very much else we could do. We could not have helped you under those circumstances at all. The summoning of the Hound and the Raven had to be done symbolically as it was, and there were only four of us who knew what we were about. Still one of the outsiders said she had a vision of the Old Queen, and Old Tubal was definitly there. Not a bad night out all in all.

      We have been experimenting with the balanite and ash, and find that even without certain aids, it works remarkably well combined with a witches cradle. As far as we can see, it has two effects. One is the activating of the power in a human body, and the other is moving a center of power from one point to another. The thing that did strike us as interesting was that even without the cone of power being present from the ring, it works as an activator. It evidently affects the nerve and mind power that has it's center just over the front of the head. The Indians call this a "Chakra", and it is supposed to spiral either left or right according to the sex. In sick people it looks like a closed flower, and in a psychic it looks like a vortex moving round. I have felt and seen this effect at times, so it is true I think. Now from what we gather, when you move the cleft stick down, it also affects the other centers on the body, such as the one just under the heart and above the sexual organs. In other words, it is a far more advanced method than that used by the ceremonial magicians who do all this by breathing.

     Presumably combined with a witches cradle, it helps the spirit to leave the body, anyway this is what we did with it. Also working in a ring, once the power has been raised, it joins the directional power of the Maid or Master to the power of the group, and since the Maid has been instructed to go in a certain direction, the whole group will follow and anything that happens must be shared by the group. It is very interesting.

      Now the idea of using it over water, bound to a wet tree such as a willow is interesting also, since it is forming a perfect link for the power to flow from heaven to earth, or earth to heaven according to which way the ring is being turned. As you already know, power must form a complete chain otherwise it will not work, since "witch" magic is like "witch" Gods, it is from the highest to the lowest, from the lowest to the highest. All is One, and one is all.

      Thank you Norman for teaching us so much.

      Obviously, I cannot leave the matter like that, so here is a piece of knowledge that will help you, and which will explain about the Castles and Kingdoms. I have enclosed it, and I hope you will understand it, since it is really a map of the other worlds, you are welcome to use our names, or use the ones that you know personally. But I will guarantee that this works, if it is combined with things that both you and I know, but will not write down .... cords .... smoke .... tapers ... etc, etc. When the time comes pass this, and the other things which we have discussed, on to Mr. Wilson, whom I am afraid I will not see.

          Flags, Flax and Fodder,


Herewith is the basic structure of the Craft .....

In the beginning there was only Night, and She was alone. Being was absolute, movement was there none. Being force without form, She desired form, and since She desired, that form was created .. Woman. Being Woman, She desired union, and created Man from Her North side.

Having created Man, She discovered love, and so all things began. Here was the first of all sins, Desire. From desire sprang all movement, all Life, all Time, all Death, joy and sorrow alike.

From the Gods came seven children, who created seven worlds to rule over, and they formed a halo about the Great Gods as seven stars. They also created Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and gave these lands to four of the seven Gods. These Gods each live in a separate land bounded by the great Gulf of Annwn, which is the land of Chaos, and unredeemed souls.

The lands of the Gods are then:
A Castle surrounded by Fire that lies upon the East, ruled over by Lucet (The divine Child). The Supreme Goddess comes from here.

A Castle under the depths of the Sea, laying towards the West, ruled over by Node.

A Castle in the Clouds laying towards the North, ruled over by Tettens.

A Castle builded upon the Earth and surrounded by trees, laying towards the South, ruled over by Carenos.
To each of these rulers was given a wife, that sprang also from the love of the Gods. Each of these lands had power over human endeavour.

Lucet is the King of Light, Fire, Love and Intellect, of Birth and Joy....The Child. He is visualized as a bright golden light moving quickly, with wings. Thieving and mischievious. Sometimes he comes as a tall golden man, moving rapidly, other times the wings of Fire surround him, but few can face that vision without aid from an even Higher Source. At times he is winged at the foot; at others upon the head, behind the glorious hair.)
For Thy Kingdom is past not away
Nor Thy Power from the place hurled.
Out of Heaven they shall not cast the day
They shall not cast out song from the world.
By the song and the light they give
We know Thy works that they live
With the gift Thou hast given us of speech
We praise, we adore, we beseech
We arise at Thy bidding and follow
We cry to Thee, answer, appear
Oh Father of us all Paian Appollo
Destroyer and Healer hear!

In the North lies the Castle of Weeping, the ruler thereof is named Tettens, our Hermes or Woden. He is the second twin, the waning sun, Lord over mysticism, magic, power and death, the Baleful destroyer. The God of War, of Justice, King of Kings, since all pay their homage to Him. Ruler of the Winds, the Windyat. Cain imprisoned in the Moon, ever desiring Earth. He is visualized as a tall dark man, shadowy, cold and deadly. Unpredictable, yet capable of great nobility, since he represents Truth. He is the God of magicians and witches, who knows all sorcery. Lord of the North, dark, unpredictable, the true God of all witches and magicians if they are working at any decent level at all. A cold wind surrounds Him, age and time so ancient that it is beyond belief flows from Him. Dark is His shadow, and he bears a branch of the sorrowing alder, and walks with the aid of a blackthorn stick. Sorrow is printed upon His face, yet also joy. He guards, as a rider upon an eight-legged horse, the approaches to the Castle of Night. He is also the Champion of the glass bridge after the Silver Forest. Cold is tho air as he passes by. Some say tall and dark, I say small and dark, speaking in a faint voice which is as clear as ice.

(Lucet and Tettens are the Twins, the Children of Night and the Serpent, brothers and some say one and the same person. Fire and Air, growth and decay. One looks forward, the other backward. One creates, the other destroys, Castor and Pollox.)

In the South lies the Castle of Life. The ruler is named Carenos, He is the Lord of animals, of joy and of passion. Ruler of the woodlands, a wild hunter, yet the God of happiness, fruition, fertility, equivalent to the young Dionysus. Shown as a horned figure, with curling rams horns. He is the God of the fertility cultus, and everything about Him is connected with life, growth and strength.

In the West lies perhaps the most complex, and the greatest figure of them all. The God of Paradise, Node. He is the God of Rest, Sleep, Achievement, fruition of labour, spiritual growth. He is also noble, ever fighting against evil, and is equivalent to King Arthur. He is also the God of the Sea. He should be seen as a mature man, with golden light playing from Him, and a lion at His feet. Eyes that are wise and sad. He is the King of all true wisdom.

These four Kings are the reversed pentacle, thus [hexagram] and the fifth ray is turned into six points, or three and three, which in part represents Old Tubal Cain, or the All Father Himself. Hearne.

Above the head of the Moon, as shewn in the diagram lies five (seven) other stars, known as the Goddesses, that is they are to be seen in The Plough or Haywain. They fall into this sequence: Life, Love, Maternity, Wisdom, and Death. Since I maintain that knowledge is understood more fully if one has to work for it, I leave you to fit your own interpretation upon the five (seven) Stars, and how they fit as Queens within the Castles. By looking at the diagrams of both the Moat and the Mill, it is possible to see how they become Queens, and also why in ancient mythology, why the Queen was always considered to play a harlot, or fallen woman. In other words, by the juxtaposition of King and Queens, it is possible to work out a magical formula concerned with (a) aspects within the Mask, as one would use a Qabbalistic tree, and (b) an insight into the control of the four basic elements.

It was considered in the past that Man could help the Gods, as the Gods helped Man. In fact, you will find that in many fairy stories, they deal with this matter allegorically. It is from these and many similar stories, i.e. Sir Gawain and the Hollen Bush; Tristam and Isobel; Launcelot and Geneveve, and others that a pattern of magical myth and legend may be woven, often with surprising results and effects. To effect a magical ritual of this nature, one enacts it with various implements and tools that have the same symbolic meaning as the Gods involved.

It was from these unions between Gods and man, that the art of magic began. To those who have eyes, ears and a heart that is pure. These deepest secrets are written upon the clouds, in the bark of trees, in the movement of water, and in the heart of fire. The genuine mysteries are open to all to see and rediscover. There is no secrecy surrounding them. There is a great river flowing and twining round all creation. Rushing out of Annwn, binding the seven kingdoms together, and returning to Annwn in a great waterfall, under which all must pass eventually. The name of that river is Time and the place of Darkness to which it returns is not only Hell, but Heaven also. It is time and time alone that binds us to blindness, and it is love and love alone that will let us see the golden heart of the mysteries.