First Letter from Robert Cochrane to Joe Wilson 
20 Dec 1965

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I read your advertisement in 'Pentagram' with considerable interest; being somewhat interested and involved with the Faith of the People.

I have recently been delving into the symbolism of the ley systems, and corresponding Herme posts that are scattered throughout Europe - and also America. I wonder if you have any knowledge of the Amerind system that was a marked part of the Sioux, and which appears to have extended from Mass: throughout the Great Plains, and into South America. I appear to have worded that somewhat badly - I meant the tradition of the ley-path, not the actual system itself. The South American maze leys are of particular interest, since they correspond very closely to part of a tradition that exists in Britain today; albeit the symbolism used is of a somewhat different origin.

I understand from your advertisement that you are also interested in Druidism, an interesting thing is that the original Druids still appear to exist - since I am in contact with an old man, born inside the pale of the Faith, who claims hereditary knowledge of the Druidical beliefs - and it appears that what he was taught as a child and young man, and what is claimed to be Druidism by modern sects and historians, are two very different things.

Are you a member of admission, and do you understand the order of 1734? A somewhat rude question, but since I cannot ask the traditional questions in writing, I have to ask somewhat impolite questions.

I understand from the family that there was at one time quite a considerable influx of the Faith into America -- in settlements in the Midwest. The symbols used by the state of Texas point towards this being a fact. Some of the neo-pagan traditions of the hill folk also point towards a considerable belief in the religion of the Three Mothers, Kansas being one of the states in which this appears. The Horsemen, of which my father was a member, appear to have settled in force in the cattle and sheep areas, so it is very possible that the clan system is still present in the Midwest.

I appear to have asked many questions and given you no information about myself. I am male, married, a member of the People of two admissions, and aged 35. I know the right and left hand language, the story of the flood, and of the child that survived, I have seen One become Seven, and Seven One, "Whirled without motion between three Elements", as Gwion said and am still learning how many beans make five, and the number of steps in a ladder. I come from the country of the Oak, the Ash and the Thorn. I am against the present form of Gardnerism, and all kindred movements, although, like 'Taliesin', I believe they could become something far greater.

My religious beliefs are found in an ancient song, " Green Grow the Rushes O ", and I am an admirer, and a critic of Robert Graves.

Flags, Flax and Fodder

S/Robert Cochrane