These are the subjects we will be dealing with over the next year, and examining the basic content.

The Five Rings of Power
The Four Castles and the Keepers
The Four Tides or Rivers
The wisdom of the Seventy-Two herbs and trees.
The art of the Mirror
The art of the Kippen
The art of the Stang
The art of the Bone
The power of the Seven Planets
The power of the Sun
The power of the Moon
The power of the Stars
The art of the Three Knives
The art of cords and binding
The art of symbols and their interpretation
The power of desire
The power of will
The twin Snakes

The Rings of power fall into this order:

1. The Wheel of Life
2. The Moat
3. The Mill of Fate
4. The Necklace
5. The Ring of the Doorways

The Wheel is the basic creation of "witch" magic. It is a vehicle of worship of the Goddesses over Life, Love, Maternity/Maturity, Wisdom and Death. In the center lies the heart within the coffin, or as it is known in the Craft, the Rose from the Grave. Love and Death.

Basically, it is the most simple of all the Rings, but also the most complex. It corresponds with the Garter, or Ladder of Devotion, and the Ring, like the Garter should be fastened upon the knot of Death. It's main use is in rituals of Death and Ressurection. In actions of worship, it is a religious device used to draw down the power of the Goddesses invoked, standing upon the horn of the aspect invoked. It is blessed in the Name of Love, water and fire used to drive out evil from the five points, swept and garnissed and censed. It should be enclosed three times with Salt and Chalk. That is life and the power of the Moon. Upon certain operations, it is permissable to light a fire in the center, thereby creating the Rose of Passion, or unity. On no account should it be used for an operation of cursing, neither should the "witch" work widdershins within it. It is the vehicle of the Horn Child. By simple meditation, it is possible to find more points than five, in fact there should be twenty-five, with One more.