Dear Norman,

      Many thanks for your calendar, and especially for the crossed owl feathers upon the back, a blessing only a "witch" can understand Life...Love...Wisdom, or as we're taught to say, 'Flags, flax, fodder' I return them back to you with my good will. Different traditions, but the same basis. I noticed that you wrote to us in Theban script, which I translate as "Three hundred and sixty-five days of happiness," Ta, ever so.

      "Witch" ointments presumably work if they are used upon an empty stomach and combined with one other thing, dandelion stems. The stems cause the nerves to swell and become sensitive to other drugs. It is very dangerous to apply such ointments - they were usually incorporated into drink or food...

      The news you gave me of a vision is of interest. You are saying in effect that I am to be awarded the sword. The Gate is that of Fire - The Serpent that of Earth, and the Rake the power that brings the two together. Water and Air is the first admission - Fire and Earth the second - Air and Spirit the last.

      I agree with you about the Gods from the East, but as you know not all the Craft accepted the Eastern Gods, many still preferred the Old Ones, and continued the ancient observances. I for one do not like the Eastern Star, but prefer the Mill as did my ancestors. I must confess that I am very interested in that you mention it, since I thought the wisdom about that was almost lost, and it was only through mere chance that I heard about it. It seems to have begun at the end of the twelfth century and ended by the Craft almost being wiped out by the Church at the end of the seventeenth century. I honestly believe the old ones of Britain did not like their people taking up with foreign gods, and I have never heard of anyone getting results from them that did practice the Eastern system and who followed the walnut and the Almond, rather than the Rowan, The Oak and the Blackthorn. Agreed that we still need to be careful, but this time even more, there are enemies within as well as without the Castle, and we do not trust anyone who cannot give the true signs today. I think that the Craft will come back, but as you say in a very different form. I was in Wales last week, and you could feel the Old Forces stirring in the mountains. I think that maybe Our Lady will come down to earth once more and we can begin all over again.

      I am very sorry to hear that your girl died, I can think of no greater loss that the person one loves. In the Craft maybe, love is even deeper than it is amongst others, since the two walk such a close path together in that strange half world that only the Crafters can know or understand. The Craft is something born or something given in love, once the gift is received there is no going back, once a "witch" always a "witch" and it is there forever. I am sure that your girl often comes back to you, as only "witches" will, there is an old story in my family in which it is said that the "witches" heaven is in the setting sun, and as the old song ends:

There you and I my loves, There you and I will lie,
When the cross of resurrection is broken
And our time has come to die,
For no more is there weeping
For no more is there death
Only the golden sunset,
Only the golden rest.

Jane and I give you our word, and our thumbs, that we will help you as best we can, and however we can.

          Wise and blessed be,

          /S/Roy and Jane Bowers
P.S.: Do you know any more Crafters? Any more Jack or Gills?