Blessing the Wine.

Madame la Guiden

     Thi beth clad et gwynn. Thi art freyed te beth con und kyth. Te brimme te cannes wi boone und lude effend cotydiar. Gyden ic gwynn Thi benison gie to te houzle vin in Thi ferliet Nommo. Mot a' thee.


(Madam the Goddess)

     Thou who art clad in white. Thou art asked to come and appear. To fill the horn cup with favour, love abundant everyday. White Queen. Thy blessing give to this sacramental wine in Thy wonderous name. May I thrive.

     Great Mercy.

Blessing the Bread.

     Wisse, crumpling Gott. Da. Fader owre ald Nyzt unt paregall te Fey. Wax forth as Ye year te out horn. Year te Zacring Bell and scry our beste.

     Dill a'dry. Dulle a' yave wi' out Thi.

     Oferlyng Lud. Forthy be this nicht in fere wi Thi leeve menzie. Blist our quicken und der houzle sheeve wi lude, micht und witte. Mote a' thee.


     All wise, twisted, crooked horned God. Father over Night and (thou who art) equal to fate Herself. Grow forth as Ye hear the summons to arms. Hear the Sacred Bell, and look upon our art.

     Grief I suffer, pain have I without thee.

     Superior Lord, therefor be this night together with Thy loved gathering. Bless our lives and the Sacred Bread with love, might and wisdom. May I thrive.

      Great Mercy.